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About Us

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About The Company

James Design Company, Inc. was founded in 1988 by the FREEFORM inventor James A. Deola.  Our company has been manufacturing and designing innovative fitness equipment for more then 20 years.

James Design started in a small manufacturing facility in Southern New Jersey.  In 1991 we began manufacturing and selling our Patented 3 Dimensional Arm system that has revolutionized the fitness industry.  This system eliminated the Pec Deck and began a change in the fitness industry for how chest, back, arm and shoulder exercises are performed, whether in the home or out in the gym.

Everywhere you look today you will see free floating arms or straps that allow a free range of motion for your entire body.  Well it all started here.

In 1998 the company decided to license its patents to Hoist Fitness equipment.  We chose Hoist Fitness for their dedication to quality.  Since then, our FreeForm arm system is on many pieces of their equipment, as well as in many gyms and homes around the world.

Our commitment to quality and effectiveness does not stop there.  We continue are continuing to design Home gym equipment that offers a club quality workout that fits into everyone’s home and life style.

Our latest product is the FREEFORM Hideaway Gym.  This new machine will once again revolutionize the fitness industry.  It is sold completely assembled.  There are no time consuming change overs between exercises.  The Hideaway folds up in seconds and can be stored in a closet or under the bed. 

THE BEST part about this machine is that it gives you a club quality, full body cardio/strength training workout.  The machine is compact, easy to use and it feels so smooth you actually know what muscle group you are working on.

By far, the MOST efficient and effective, compact gym ever developed!

About The Founder

Jim Deola was born and raised in Southern New Jersey on his family farm.  After graduating from high school he attended Drexel University and received his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1982.  Jim graduated at the top of his class and set the standard at Drexel for being the only student to receive A’s in all of his designated engineering courses. Jim graduated at the top of his class and challenged the standards at Drexel, as he has done with his revolutionary home gym designs.

After graduating from high school he became interested in bodybuilding.  He worked out regularly at the local gym.  As you can imagine, being an engineer at heart he kept getting ideas on how to make the machines work better, feel better, and be safer.

With that in mind he began designing and making his own equipment and used that equipment in his basement. 

Jim's life long interest in sports and competition led him to a short, yet very successful career in body building. He entered his first of five contests in 1983, followed by winning middle weight Mr. NJ in 1985 and an outstanding first try, sixth place finish at the 1989 NPC Mr. America competition. Jim's high level of knowledge and dedication to the sport and physical fitness can be evidenced by the photos of him seen here, (taken at the Mr. America competition).

Once again Jim is taking the industry by storm with his FREEFORM Hideaway Gym.  He wanted a machine that worked—really worked—without time consuming equipment changes to move on to the next exercise. He wanted something that didn’t take up a whole room and that felt great. What he didn’t want was something that had cumbersome weight stacks or bows, with cables and pulleys that would break.  He wanted something that you could just get on and work your entire body safely, effectively and get the results he wanted in as little amount of time as possible.  Well, it took 4 years of research and development, but his dream machine is now a reality and he wants to share that with you.

In 2007 Jim attended many Trade shows with the FREEFORM Hideaway and not surprisingly won awards for best invention in fitness equipment, best engineering, and the ERA Inventor of the year award.


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FreeForm Gym - Home Gym Solution

FreeForm Gym - Home Gym Solution

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